FUNAI Accommodation Rent Is So Alarming, Students Cry Out

A student of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo took to social platform to express his utmost dismay in the overwhelming cost of living for students.

He thereby called for the intervention of SUG to see that the high cost of rent in "off campuses" is restored to the barest minimum.

In his words:

"Years back when I got admission into FUNAI the next thing that pumped into my mind was accommodation. I checked it out at front gate and I was told a self con is 120,000. My mind thundered!!!  why???  I was told, FUNAI is still new, new lodges are scarce, within short period the cost will reduce and besides we don't have SUG yet.

Now we have SUG,  more lodges have been erected, FUNAI is graduating from being a novice to a wide school,  yet instead for the lodges rent to be ameliorating, it keep on aggravating.

The beginning was when the students complained that the indigene landlords were heartless by maintaining a lodge rent of 120k to 150k for self con and 70k,  60k for one room. 

It was barely towards the end of last semester that I heard about MYCAMPUSHOMES, an house agent promising to provide better accommodation that is affordable, I was happy, little did I know that they are in the field to make the situation worst., charging higher than the previous rent rate.

This is really bad. The SUG should assist and look into this.  There should be a meeting  of the SUG with the landlords, landladies, agents and whosoever.

Director of welfare Chuksmary,  SUG President, Comrade Chima Solomon, you all can do this, I charge you with this. Thank God you  all promised that students welfarism is your watchword. If SUG cannot stop 50K security fee, let them do this for us.

God bless AE-FUNAI!

This piece was written by a student identified as Markvalley.

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