Lady That Pays Men 24 Million Naira To Date Her Is Now Pregnant.

Jane Park, a 23-year-old UK millionaire who offered N24 million to 'loyal' men to date her  is pregnant.

The young millionaire made the sweet revelation on her Instagram page.

When Jane Park was 17 years old, she became the UK's youngest lottery winner, making her an overnight millionaire.

However, finding love when most people are only after your money can be tricky. Park came up with a questionable solution to find her perfect partner, offering N24 Million for any 'loyal' man to date her.

It appears Park is still on the lookout for love but she had found something else to give her happiness - a baby.

She identified the father of the baby as Bonzo.

The Mirror reported that Park said expecting a baby is something priceless.

She was quoted saying:

"Everybody thinks buying a flash car is exciting, but shopping for a pram is 10 times more fulfilling.

"For the first time I feel like I will have someone new in my life who loves me for me and not because of my bank balance. And that is such a comforting thing."

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